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    1. TER Envelope Making Machine

      TER Envelope Making Machine

      TER Envelope Making MachineLow-loss/Low lnvestment & High Returns● #5(110mm*220mm)& #6(120mm*230mm)envelope can be done.● Continuously envelope making,low-loss.● web width=envelope width● Ten


      TER Envelope Making Machine

      Low-loss/Low lnvestment & High Returns

      ● #5(110mm*220mm)& #6(120mm*230mm)envelope can be done.

      ● Continuously envelope making,low-loss.

      ● web width=envelope width

      ● Ten hot wind dryer unit

      Max Unwind Diameter: ?1270mm

      Mechanical Speed:600 pcs/min

      Rotary Window Die.Cut Unit:

      Impression Die.Cut Cylinder 381mm(15"),Die.Cut Cylinder 241.3mm(9.5")(magnetic die cut cylinder)  254mm(10")(magnetic die cut cylinder)

      Laminating Unit:

      Max Unwind diameter ?300mm